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Engineer, Material

This job posting is no longer active.


Primary Purpose

Responsible for material planning and procurement. Related supplier management work 负责物料计划,采购及相关的供应商管理工作

What You Will Do In Your Role

  1. Evaluate and qualify new supplier accordingly to company's strategy. 根据公司的采购战略开发合格供应商.
  2. Evaluate supplier’s capacity and capability and intending of cooperation. Supplier performance assessment, cost control and regular audit according to schedule.分析评估供应商的生产能力,产能及合作意向。供应商业绩评估,成本控制及日常审核计划。
  3. RFQ processing and price negotiation, technical discussion, sample processing and procurement schedule tacking. 询价处理及价格谈判,技术讨论,样品处理及采购计划跟踪.
  4. Cooperate with the production to ensure PR transfer and PO release to supplier on time in ERP system. 和生产合作跟踪ERP系统采购申请单并及时将订单下达给供应商
  5. Release the orders to vendors and follow the PO delivery condition. Ensure on-time delivery from suppliers. 及时下达订单给合格供应商,跟进交货状况,确保供应商交货及时率.
  6. Maintain material purchase information in ERP(MIE) in daily work. Including supplier information, item price, lead time, MOQ etc. 维护ERP系统(MIE系统)相关物料信息,包括供应商信息,产品价格,交期,最小起订量等日常采购数据维护。
  7. Work with engineering team for cost reduction, procurement improvement in sample stage. Follow up ECN and company policies to suppliers. 和工程技术团队沟通,完成降本,采购工作的改善,确保样品采购的顺利推进。跟进工程变更以及公司针对供应商的相关政策
  8. Regular communication with Quality department and Follow-up NCR. 与质量部门进行日常的沟通,跟踪不合格品报告
  9. Regularly collect and summarize material procurement data in ERP. Including Cost down, supplier on time delivery and quality control. 定期收集并汇总ERP种物料采购相关数据.包括降价,供应商及时交货率和质量控制等
  10. Responsible for other assignments from supervisors. Including but not limited to customer service, Logistic, import and export work. 主管要求的其他工作。包括但不限于客户服务,物料及进出口工作等

The Experience You Will Bring


  1. Bachelor ’s degree or above 本科及以上学历
  2. One-Three years of experience in procurement 1-3年采购相关经验
  3. Excellent University Graduates are also acceptable优秀的大学本科毕业生亦可
  4. Good English, both oral and written.
  5. Good integrity and hard working
  6. Good knowledge of mechanical industry warehouse operation
  7. Eager to learn new knowledge’s and wish to grow up with company
  8. Responsive to task assigned
  9. Good communication skills

What Will Put You Ahead

  1. Not limited. Majored in logistic, mechanical related major is better. 专业不限。物流,机械相关专业更佳
  2. Major in mechanical or Related working experiences in mechanical manufacture workshop background 机械专业或机械行业工作背景
  3. Familiar office 365 software and basic knowledge of ERP 


This job posting is no longer active.